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flashingcurser 2nd October 2006 03:11

mysql ha replication question
I'm using debian sarge on a master machine and sarge on a posible slave.

The howto requires you to change the socket location from:

/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock ##Default debian location...



Is there any really good reason for doing this? I would really like to keep it were debian likes it. Can I follow the walkthrough without changing this? The database in question is very important to me.




falko 2nd October 2006 14:29

To which tutorial (URL) are you referring?

flashingcurser 2nd October 2006 17:12

falko 3rd October 2006 19:09

I haven't tested the tutorial, but I think you can leave the socket as it is.

flashingcurser 5th October 2006 19:19

I'll do a fresh dump of the databases and give it a go.

Thank you,



sheikhsa 8th November 2006 08:04

This tutorial was deployed over the RedHAT, once can follow the default path for debian.


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