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linutzy 27th September 2005 06:00

This is not really a ISPconfig question, so I thought I would add it here.

I need to create a CVS setup for a friend, just wondering if anyone has a howto on how to do this with debian, beyond the apt-get and install. Kind of wondering if I am missing out on some functionality with ISPconfig even though they are not related.

till 27th September 2005 09:48

Have you thought about using SVN instead of CVS? It is much easier to handle.

linutzy 28th September 2005 18:36

I will look at that
It's better to listen to experienced users, still is there a method that I should use?

falko 28th September 2005 19:23

Here's a little PDF howto:

And Tortoise SVN is an SVN client that integrates into Windows Explorer, very cool! :)

linutzy 29th September 2005 23:05

Thanks Guys
I will take a look at it, again this is new to me but a buddy of mine wants to get started on his own project and needs a spare machine to work with.

I will look at the docs you provided.

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