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sedat1903 8th September 2006 14:14

Problem on Perfect Setup SUSE10.1 : Maildir can not be created
Hi to all, I follow the Perfect Setup SUSE10.1 guide, I didnt install ispconfig, I havent much time, and actually I have no idea about ispconfig, but I use webmin, maybe they are same role, anyway my problem is when I add a user from command line and to activate the user I send an email to the user, in redhat when I send a test message to the new user, Maildir occured autımatically, but unfourtunately in SUSE ,it couldnt be created automaticalyy, I will use postfix and webmin, webmin shows user's mail directory is /home/user/Maildir but there is no Maildir, cyruss-sasl and related things I install by the following the perfect setup suse guide,
can you help me, pls, I couldnt figure out that problem
thanks in advance

jjw 8th September 2006 17:00

When you do a useradd, can you use the flag to add the contents of /etc/skel? This way, whenever you add a user with useradd, if /etc/skel/Maildir exists, it will be created in the new user's home directory.

mkdir /etc/skel/Maildir
useradd -m newUser

Hope that helps.

sedat1903 8th September 2006 17:31

yes it occured ,but stilll the emails are not occured in can it be I dont know, is it not complete in the HOWTO, has anybody saw that problem before , when install suse 10.1

jjw 8th September 2006 18:22

Did you check the box in Ispconfig for 'Maildir' in Server settings?
Restart ispcofig_server?
Who owns the Maildir directory?

Sorry if you've thought of this: I'm a noob. :)

sedat1903 8th September 2006 18:41

thank you jjw for trying to help me, I didnt install ispconfig because I use webmin, I dunno maybe they cannot work together, I have no idea about ispcconfig, if I install ispconfig , will I able to use webmin and Maildir services, mycompany uses them and new mail server should have these things, as a result of this I wonder, there will be any problem about using webmin and Maildir , I want to get emails in the directory Maildir and reach them from webmin,
thank you again

jjw 8th September 2006 19:06

So, are you using:

home_mailbox = Maildir/

sedat1903 8th September 2006 19:57

yes I use that

jjw 8th September 2006 21:15

Did you reload Postrfix or restart the server?

Sorry if you've thought of that: I don't know anything about Suse, and I'm a noob anyway...

falko 9th September 2006 15:34

What's the output of

netstat -tap
? What's in /etc/postfix/ (please strip out the comments)?

sedat1903 10th September 2006 09:19

unfourtunatel I am not at work, I cant look the server , but monday I will immediately look for netstat command,
I wonder something, I didnt get emails to the Maildir, then I install ISPconfig,I thought maybe I can receive emails by using ISPconfiguration, but when I install by using all things on perfect setup howto, when I try to connect the from another computer in lan, I couldnt enter the site, I use the https, when I enter http ,, isp warns me by hint to use https , I thought that yes the configuration ok, because it can warn me, but I changed url to the https, now it said there is no page, what can be the problem, I will look the other things then write tomorrow from work again, bye

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