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meekish 8th September 2006 06:44

ISPConfig for Lighttpd (Without Apache)
I would like to use ISPConfig with Lighttpd instead of Apache. I don't have Apache installed on my server, and would like to avoid it. Now, I understand that ISPConfig bundles its own Apache build. And, I understand that ISPConfig is not going to have the ability to modify Lighttpd config files.

I really just want to use ISPConfig for administering procmail and bind. I am comfortable modifying my Lighttpd config files by hand.

Has anyone tried something like this? Will it work?

Ben 8th September 2006 11:35

Well you will have at least one apache thats the one coming with ISPConfig which is only used for the interface...
But I think there have to be done some changes in the installroutine (check of apaches existence) as well in the file generator...

so the question is if you should not take a look for any other tools that just set up bind and mailstuff....

meekish 9th September 2006 20:32

Can you recommend any control panels that will handle this functionality for me?

falko 10th September 2006 20:47

Maybe webmin?

Ben 10th September 2006 23:23

Ah sure, for dns it works... I mean I now only webmin 1.0 wich is very,very... old and with that you could set up bind very well, even dnames and stuff.

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