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diggnified 17th August 2006 20:40

What Tutorial?
Hello, I know this has been asked several hundred times here but this Newbie needs some advice. I have spent the past couple days on here printing and reading the How to Tutorials and I cannot seem to make up my mind on what tutorial and distro I want to use. I have basic linux experience.

Here at the office we have 2 servers. Both servers are currently running Windows 2003 SMB Server. Server 1 hosts our 4 websites. Server 2 (the server in question) is again Windows 2003 SMB Server which has Vircom Modus Mail running for Email Services POP3 and SMTP. We have 4 virtual mail domains running off 1 public ip address. All this has been working fine for the past 2 years. The problem is SPAM, I would like to build a linux box to act as a SPAM filtering gateway which will filter the email and forward that onto our Windows 2003 SMB mail server.

My question is can this done and what tutorial would you recommend? I contacted our Internet Provider who will be giving me another public ip address to use for this box which will be behind our internal firewall (Sonicwall). Also, our Internet Provider does our DNS hosting for us.

I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

sjau 17th August 2006 22:11


so you want to setup a linux box that is behind the firewall which will do some spam filtering and *legit* email will then be forwarded to your Win 2003 mail server?

diggnified 17th August 2006 22:19

Yes if that is possible. Our Modus Mail program supports filtering spam however this is a addon for $1200.00 every 2 years and I am looking for a way to do this myself and save some money. Thanks for the reply.

sjau 18th August 2006 00:02

Hmmm, not sure... maybe you could use postfix and stuff for filtering the emails and then do a remote delivery with procmail... but I'm not sure if that actually works.

diggnified 18th August 2006 00:21

thanks for replying. Im really not opposed to building an entire linux box to replace the windows mail server. If that were the case what distro and guide would recommend? Were happy with the Windows version but it costs us money each year for support and updates. As I mentioned earlier I would need to host 4 mail domains with 1 public ip address. Is this possible? Thank you.

sjau 18th August 2006 00:50

Well, running multiple domains on one server is not a problem at all. I currently have 14 domains on my server running.
Do you actualy have a highly frequented website or email traffic?
If not you couls use the one server as web/email server and the other one as backup machine... this might also be worth considering...

As for the email server I just recommend postfix with courier imap (=I love IMAP) and you could use debian 3.1 sarge or some BSD...

It just depends what you need :)

diggnified 18th August 2006 01:36

sjau for right these are not high traffic sites or email. Our websites are mainly used for our direct suppliers. Email traffic if I were to estimate is 100 emails a day and 30% is probably spam. At this point in time I am thinking of just sticking to building the email server and leaving webserver on Windows. We just finished a 1 yr project building a system that handles customers, suppliers, freight dealers that we deal with. It was all built around SQL Server and I think our web developer would have a stroke If I changed anything as far as that goes.

sjau since I am new to Linux would you recommend a gui interface distro with a gui manager like Webmin or something similar to configure everything. My linux command line skills are null :) Thanks again for taking the time to help me.

sjau 18th August 2006 13:27

Well, a gui is normally easier to handle question is how many email addresses will you have to handle there?

diggnified 18th August 2006 14:11

the total combined all 4 domains is just over 50 accounts. And most of these are accounts that forward to our employees. Example and so on. So there is not a big load on our email server.

sjau 18th August 2006 14:14

I was not thinking about the load of the server but adding the accounts... 50 is not too bad.. that can be done fairly quickly with a gui :)

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