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freeborn 17th August 2006 18:49

Email problem
I try to send email to myself after vhost creation.
The problem is I can't recieve when I send email using hotmail and gmail.
But I can recieve if I send by yahoo mail.
Strange isn't it?

This is DNS problem or email and how to solve ?

Thanks in advance,
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till 18th August 2006 11:42

It might be a DNS propagation problem, please wait 24 hours after you created the DNS entries and then try again.

freeborn 18th August 2006 13:19

Thanks till

I wait more than a week now.
I edit NAME Server and save again. (I register at
Today I test again and email using gmail is OK but hotmail still problem. :(

falko 18th August 2006 15:45

It's possible that you're on a spam blacklist, maybe because you use a dynamic IP address or don't have proper SPF and PTR records. Contact Hotmail and ask them about their spam policy.

freeborn 18th August 2006 19:25

Here another testing.

I send email to hotmail via external smtp (sender name from my vhost ofcourse).
Hotmail can recieve message after that reply from hotmail to my vhost, I can recieve email.

Then try to send email directly from hotmail again but FAILED.

Strange isn't it?

Hotmail know my host and can only reply but not send new fresh email. :confused:

falko 19th August 2006 14:42

Have a look at my previous post.

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