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skoena 8th July 2013 07:34

inboxes empty after migration
I did a migration to a new server. I copied /var/vmail to the new server. But all the inboxes of the email accounts are empty. How to migrate them without knowing the users passwords?

till 8th July 2013 13:24

Does the old and new server use the same imap server (courier or dovecot) If not, then inboxes will be empty as courier and dovecot used different folder structures.

skoena 8th July 2013 13:27

Hi Till,
Yes you are right. One uses dovecot and the other courier.

Any way to get the emails somewhere into some folders back? Or should I create old folder names?

skoena 8th July 2013 13:52

Can I use your Courier to Dovecot script on the old server to rename the folder structure and than do a rsync of the /var/vmail folder to the new server that hads Dovecot?

till 8th July 2013 14:18

That should work.

skoena 8th July 2013 21:27

Yes tnx Till, it worked!

skoena 8th July 2013 23:15

Strange thing is.
I installed new server and configured server (The Perfect Server). I think it configures Dovecot and Sieve. After that I migrated from the old server, it is configured like Courier and Maildrop. I also copied the ispconfig database I guess it changed the setting in ispconfig back to courier and maildrop. Because when I open the new server and go to System > Server Config > Mail it sais:


POP3/IMAP Daemon: Courier
Mailfilter Syntax: Maildrop
Should I change it to Dovecot and Sieve? Because I think everything works fine...?

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