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skoena 5th July 2013 13:59

Controlpanel Email tab not working
When in the Controlpanel when I click the email tab nothing comes up inthe right frame. The other tabs seem to work.

till 5th July 2013 14:16

I guess you added a alias for /mail somewhere in your apache config instead of /webmail as described in the perfects etup guide.

skoena 5th July 2013 14:22

Squirrel Webmail is functioning.

Sorry I am talking about controlpanel of ispconfig

And than when I click the Mail tab and all the options on the left the right frame stays empty/white.

till 5th July 2013 14:53

I understand what you are talking about and I posted you what you should do to get the controlpanel working again. Edit the squirrelmail config file and change the alias to webmail as it is described in the perfect setup guide and then restart apache.

skoena 5th July 2013 15:21

Mmm didn't know that this hangs together like this :-)
Tnx works again!

Another thing.
Migrated to new server.
Just created mailbox
but get this error when I sent mail to this address


<>: unknown user: "rudolf"

till 5th July 2013 18:40

Maybe you used as hostname of the server and not a subdomain like as it is used in the perfect setup? If you use as hostname, then you can not use it for mailboxes later.

skoena 8th July 2013 13:05

No I used as server/hostname.

till 8th July 2013 13:18

Post the output of:

grep /etc/postfix/

and the content of the file /etc/mailname

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