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saco721 3rd July 2013 19:14

cms installer for ispconfig
Is there a cms installer for ispconfig. I have found the following code snippet, it says :

Copy paste from code:


$cms_array = array("cmsms", "etomite", "joomla", "mambo", "phpnuke", "postnuke", "websitebaker", "boastmachine", "wordpress", "phpbb", "usebb");
but am unsure what to do with it.

many thanks!

till 3rd July 2013 20:12

ISPConfig has a cms installer, see aps installer in web module. But the snippet you posted does not belong to it.

saco721 3rd July 2013 22:13

Hey Till,

Thanks for your response, I should have mentioned that I have ispconfig installed, I have looked for the web module, but cannot find it. I have looked at the demo of, and it has APS installer under sites, is this what you are referring to?. If so can I install this module or do I have to upgrade to
Thanks for your time!

till 4th July 2013 11:11

You have to update to ISPConfig

saco721 4th July 2013 15:46

OK thanks.

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