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radim_h 16th May 2013 17:26

where to configure DNS TTL minimal values ?

some time ago there was solved issue in butracker about limits for minimal values which user can input to DNS (eg not less than 3600)
The issue was fixed and i asked once where the limits can be set.
I got answer that somewhere in the script.

I cannot find the issue or the answer. Can anybody advice me where i can set minimal limits which user can set for DNS? Users are settng nosenses like 60 second etc..


till 16th May 2013 18:17

The values for the checks are defined in the form files. See e.g. /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/dns/form/dns_soa.tform.php

To change the min. value for the ttl of the zone, change the line 209 from:

'range' => '60:',


'range' => '3600:',

radim_h 16th May 2013 18:47

Than you info.

Just notice for this:

Limit is working only for main records for zone
Refresh, Retry ,Expire, Minimum, TTL
Not working for individual records inside zone, you can create any A record with 1 second

Also translation string may be
"You have exceeded minimal interval for record" instead of "Min. Retry time is 60 seconds."

And also - it will be really helpfull if limit works just for users and administrator is able to set any kind of record anywhere...

till 17th May 2013 10:01

Thanks, I added it ti the bugtracker.

radim_h 17th May 2013 10:05


There is question, if individulal records needs to have to have their own TTL at all.
Or - TTL from zone should be automatically propagated to individual records..

till 17th May 2013 10:08

If we would remove thet option, then the next user will complain why its gone. Maybe we can set the zone ttl as default for new records.

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