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monkfish 12th May 2013 20:59

Question re. SIEVE mailfiters
I've read up on issues people say they experience if they deploy sieve mail filters outside of ispconfig.

Seems to be a common thing people see that config files get overwritten by each other. Understandable if two packages conflict.

Having just configured dovecot and roundcube mailsieve plugin, I think I prefer that to using the filter capabilities inside ispconfig. Thats my choice, and I'm not forcing it on anybody else, just a couple of questions;

1. Poking through the ispconfig code I think the .sieve file is only defined to in lines 100 and 217 of server/plugins-enabled/ To effectively stop ispconfig overwriting a .sieve file defined by an outside program I think one could change the filename there. Obviously would have to be checked on each ispconfig upgrade. Am I correct in that thinking?

2. Perhaps for future, would a request for either global or per-user tickbox to enable/disable mail filter rules inside ispconfig be considered.

Thanks for ispconfig!

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