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pebkac 12th May 2013 01:50

SSL with many sites
I have a main TLD, Additionally I have many sub domain sites, i.e., I have a wild card SSL from StartSSL. I have my ISPConfig server hosted at AWS with one static IP. In this scenario will I be able to use my SSL for all my sites listed above?


darinpeterson 12th May 2013 18:27

Based on this explanation of configuring SSL for Apache, I say yes:

It looks like you will want to specify the IP as *, and configure all domains/sub domains on port 443. Give it a try and see if they resolve... :)

pebkac 14th May 2013 03:51

Thanks, good to know. I did see in the ISPConfig Docs that it says you cannot, but I hope that is for a different scenario.


pebkac 12th September 2013 22:48

Can anyone confirm that I can use a Wildcard SSL cert for many hosts on one server?

tahunasky 13th September 2013 06:34

SSL certs are tied to a TLD. I have wildcard cert's too, and they work fine with cloud., mail., mail2., etc subdomains.

But for each TDL, you need a different cert.

However i also have a self-signed cert, which i use for 4 different TLD's. When i created it, i did something like *, * etc. But i havent seen any cert providers that will do a multi-domain cert - but i could be wrong.

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