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rodti 10th May 2013 13:51

APS installer for clients?
I'm running stable on Debian Squeezy.

Delighted to see the APS installer pop up on there, a very useful tool I'm sure and one I'm keen to tell my clients about.

Unfortunately the APS installer only appears for admin users. I'd have assumed that it would be available to clients but of course limited to their own sites.

Is this by design or is something up with my ISPConfig install?


SOLVED: I've discovered that there is a limit to APS instances in the Limits section of the client configuration. For some reason the APS instance limit had set itself to -1 for most users but 0 for others.

rodti 10th May 2013 14:07

Actually on investigation it does appear for some clients but not others. I've looked for an option to enable/disable APS on a per-client basis but can't see one.

till 11th May 2013 19:10

You can enable / disable ps for clients in the lient limits.

rodti 11th May 2013 21:29

Thanks Till, I think it must have set some of the values to 0 during the upgrade, most of them were correctly set to -1.

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