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MikeMcNuke 2nd May 2013 20:25

Ubuntu 13.04 APS Problem

I installed ISPConfig with the help of this tutorial.

One problem left: APS packages won't update or get populated at all.

Error code for every package available:


[INTERFACE]: APS crawler: Cannot read metadata from
Logfiles are not very helpful. 3 SimpleXML Warnings from PHP in lib/classes/ in Line 275:


$sxe = new SimpleXMLElement($xml);
But the XML gets generated.

The crawler is able to make directories in interface/web/sites/aps_meta_packages and places one file in every directory:

Example Directoryname: Zen
Filename in this directory: PKG_URL

Content of PKG_URL:
But no packages get downloaded, all MySQL Tables for aps_*, except settings, are empty. Debug log from ISPConfig doesn't deliver any further information. php5-curl and cURL are installed.

But something is missing! Can anyone help me?

Mike McNuke

till 2nd May 2013 20:36

Do you have a router or firewall in front of the server which might block access to so that the packages cant be downloaded?

MikeMcNuke 2nd May 2013 20:44


Firewall is installed on server, ufw with iptables. Server sits in some datahouse.

Also I tried a curl on and via ssh on the server.



and the data gets delivered to the shell.

MikeMcNuke 2nd May 2013 20:47

Just turned off ufw and flushed iptables. But no difference.

MikeMcNuke 2nd May 2013 23:35

Just digged a little deeper into

In the function public function startCrawler() it's able to fill the $apps_to_dl[] array with the correct information about Files.

But after this part of the function:


                // For memory reasons, unset the current vendor and his apps

it seems to stop doing anything. Strange. memorylimit is 512MB, so this should be sufficient. How can I trace the problem further???

MikeMcNuke 3rd May 2013 00:03

Just did an update on a Ubuntu 12.10 Server from ISPConfig 3.0.5-rc2 to . APS did work on rc2, but now the same problem. Damn. There must be some config problem.

frank81ita 3rd May 2013 17:51

APS Problem
I'm having the same problem, but it's on Debian instead on Ubuntu (there aren't some differences).
Did you find a solution?
I tried to disable quota and some other stuffs, but I can't find a solution?
All downloads are working without any problem.
Best Regards

MikeMcNuke 3rd May 2013 18:04

Until now no update on the problem.

Will install 2vms with ubuntu. One with older ispconfig one with new ispconfig. Perhaps I can find the error...

MikeMcNuke 4th May 2013 02:33

Problem fixed. I got back to my install files from ispconfig and ran the update script.

php -q update.php

Back in the frontend the APS packages get nowupdated and listed. But I don't know why. Did a backup of /etc before the update and compared all configs. No difference.

My Testinstalls on 2 VMs are also fully working.

Bad Hair... *hhmmm* Hosting Day???

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