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Vejgaard 29th April 2013 11:42

ERROR 500 uploade file
Hello i have a site on ISPConfig system
And sundently i can uploade files throw the site there is bigger than 150 kb. If i uploade a file there is 120 kb it will uploade it.
What can is the problem?

The text it say when it try to uploade a picture bigger than 150 kb.

ERROR 500 - Internal Server Error!
The following error occurred:

The requested URL caused an internal server error.

If you get this message repeatedly please contact the webmaster.

Powered by ISPConfig

till 29th April 2013 11:52

Take a look into the error.log of the website, the reason for the error is explained there.

Vejgaard 29th April 2013 12:06

Access log or error log.

Rhe error log is big.

till 29th April 2013 12:09

You got an error, so the error.log is the one which contains the error message.

You can get the last errors from the log with the tail command. e.g.

tail -n 100 error.log

Vejgaard 29th April 2013 12:15

Its not my server im just rending it. But its a problem for me and i dont now if he can fix it.

till 29th April 2013 12:27

If this is not your server then you might contact the administrator which is in charge of the server to fix the issue for you.

Like I explained above, you or the administrator of the serve will find the reason for the error in the error.log of the website.

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