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stoute 28th April 2013 00:26

Uploading via php scripts
I installed Ubuntu 12.04, increased the max upload size in the php.ini file.


post_max_size = 1800M
upload_max_filesize = 1800M

Now with ANY php script on this server it gives me an error and doesn't allow the file to be uploaded. I know the file size above is quite large but I even get the errors on files smaller than 394KB too.

I'm guessing I mucked up something somewhere and have 45 sites running on the server now so to reinstall and start over wouldn't be a viable option.

You can see the php information page here:

darinpeterson 1st May 2013 01:38

What is the specific error that you receive?

falko 2nd May 2013 18:30

Do you use Apache or nginx? Are there any errors in the web site's error log?

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