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danhansen@denmark 19th April 2013 17:59

ISPconfig 3 - Mailserver Warning

Anybody that can tell me what these 2 warnings from the mail-log mean - Can't receive mail by the way:

Relay access denied
warning: dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled

It's the "relay" warning which is the reason I can't receive the mails, I guess..

In the ISPconfig CP "System > Server Config > Mail" there is an "error" when I leave the site:

Please specify valid RBL hostnames.

Added: - Error message in ISPconfig CP went away. but still not receiving any mail...

Have been reading several sites, tutotials and manuals - but still I am very much i doubt. Is it in the shell there need to be changes or is it in the ISPconfig3 CP? Heres some of the sites I found regarding this problem:

1. ISPconfig3 Manual: page 189 " Relay Recipients"
2. ISPconfig3 Manual: page 225 "Server > Server Config > Mail" Relay Host/Relay User
3. "4. Configure Relays"
4. Where the mydestination line in your was the problem
5. "18.7.4 To Use DNS Lookups Including RBL Checking for SMTP Relay Blocking"

Could nr "5" be a solution to the second error message - and then maybe both error messages are related?:

warning: dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled

Checked for blacklisting:

        Blacklist        Reason        TTL        ResponseTime        Hide
 OK        AHBL                        62       
 OK        ASPEWS                        31       
 OK        BACKSCATTERER                        62       
 OK        BARRACUDA                        62       
 OK        BBFHL1                        47       
 OK        BBFHL2                        47       
 OK        BLOCKLIST.DE                        62       
 OK        BSB                        16       
 OK        BURNT-TECH                        16       
 OK        CASA-CBL                        218       
 OK        CASA-CBLPLUS                        234       
 OK        CBL                        31       
 OK        CHOON                        234       
 OK        DNS-SERVICIOS                        140       
 OK        EFnet RBL                        31       
 OK        IMP-SPAM                        140       
 OK        INPS_DE                        296       
 OK        INTERSERVER                        47       
 OK        ivmSIP                        16       
 OK        ivmSIP24                        16       
 OK        JIPPG                        156       
 OK        LASHBACK                        47       
 OK        MAILSPIKE-BL                        140       
 OK        MAILSPIKE-Z                        140       
 OK        NIXSPAM                        328       
 OK        NOMOREFUNN                        140       
 OK        NoSolicitado                        16       
 OK        PSBL                        94       
 OK        RATS-Dyna                        16       
 OK        RATS-NoPtr                        78       
 OK        RATS-Spam                        78       
 OK        REDHAWK                        62       
 OK        SEM-BACKSCATTER                        47       
 OK        SEM-BLACK                        16       
 OK        SORBS-DUHL                        47       
 OK        SORBS-SPAM                        47       
 OK        SORBS-WEB                        47       
 OK        SPAMCANNIBAL                        47       
 OK        SPAMCOP                        47       
 OK        Spamhaus-ZEN                        62       
 OK        TRUNCATE                        109       
 OK        UCEPROTECTL1                        47       
 OK        UCEPROTECTL2                        47       
 OK        UCEPROTECTL3                        62       
 OK        WPBL                        0

Please point me in the right direction o)

Kind Regards,
Internet Service Information:
Internet Line/Used only for Internet-Servers.
Static/Fixed public IP
All ports opened in router --> "ispserverip"
Primary nameserver --> ns1.myprimarynameserver.tld
Secondary nameserver --> ns2.somedanishdomainservice.tld

System Information:
Ubuntu Server 12.04 (upgraded - do-release-upgrade*)
ISPconfig 3 v. (Single Server Setup)
Primary nameserver - BIND
SquirrelMail version 1.4.22 - Courier IMAP/POP3
Database: MySQL Serverversion: 5.5.29-0ubuntu0.12.04.2

Tutorial: "The Perfect Server - ISPConfig3 - Ubuntu Server 10.04"
Downloaded Manual for ISPConfig3 by Falko Timme
* Note's regarding "Release Upgrade": /etc/networks/interfaces added dns-nameservers according to "The Perfect Server - ISPconfig3 - Ubuntu 12.04"

SamTzu 20th April 2013 20:47

It's a warning, not an error. You eliminate it by removing
NIS lookups.

First, find out what setting is using NIS:

$ postconf | grep nis:

This outputs something like

alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases nis:mail.aliases
alias_maps = hash:/etc/mail/aliases nis:mail.aliases

Then, disable NIS lookups (as root):

# postconf -e alias_maps=hash:/etc/aliases
# postconf -e alias_maps=hash:/etc/mail/aliases

The exact command depends on "postconf | grep nis:" output.

First thing you should do is to check if SMTP is up and running.
On mail server you can check this with this command...


netstat -tapn
Can you see SMTP? (Usually on port 25.)
If that is up then you are most likely dealing with a DNS problem (NIS lookups seem to indicate that anyway.)

danhansen@denmark 21st April 2013 17:16

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply.
I will try that command right now to see what I can learn from that.

Thanks for the fix above. :)

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