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FlorianVN 19th April 2013 15:00

Associate ISPConfig (Web) / PowerAdmin (DNS)

I'm trying to configure a simple website thanks to ISPConfig with a configuration DNS on PowerAdmin, IPv6-only, I used VMWare with two VM :
- One for the DNS (fd01::120:53/96)
- One for the WWW (fd01::120:80/96)
But I failed it...and I'm blocked, and I'm a newbie with this tools.

DNS Configuration :

ISPConfig Website : -> This is the hostname on Debian that I used when I've installed PowerDNS on a VM especially DNS and the same on another VM for ISPConfig.

Thanks, if you want more informations..:)

falko 20th April 2013 10:41

Does resolve?

FlorianVN 22nd April 2013 09:37

Thank, but I don't know if I've set the best configuration for

FlorianVN 22nd April 2013 13:25

I'm confused sorry, well...I'm trying to explain more precisely cos' I failed my last reply. Maybe I made a mistake with the hostname server...

Answer : Deploying a website with ISPConfig (WWW) and PowerDNS (DNS) IPv6-Only

@v6 ISPConfig : fd01::120:80/96
@v6 PowerDNS : fd01::120:53/96

ISPConfig Configuration
=> Website Test :

=> Server :
=> Nameservers : IP of the DNS ?

PowerDNS Configuration
During the installation
=> Zone Zone


Thank :)

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