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monkfish 9th April 2013 21:33

Query re database "version"

Can I ask please whats the significance of the table "sys_config" inside the configuration database, in particular the "db_version" field?

Reason I ask, I get varying results on ispconfig installations. On a "fresh" build it shows in that field, but on a machine upgraded from a previous install to it shows

Does this affect any other part of the install please?

Kindest regards


Thanks for ispconfig!

till 9th April 2013 23:20

The field you refer to is the ispconfig version of the initail install and not the version number of the current updated version.

monkfish 10th April 2013 00:15

Thanks for clarifying that - might have thought that an upgrade sort of didn't work!



Thanks for ispconfig!

till 10th April 2013 23:51

The current installed ispconfig version is shown inside the ispconfig controlpanel, no need to search any internal data structures for version numbers.

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