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HSorgYves 5th April 2013 22:31

Connect Linux userid to webid
I have a few webs on an ISPConfig server. How can I enable "Connect Linux userid to webid" now? I want the existing webs to get a connection... or do I need to do that connection manually?


till 5th April 2013 23:37

Why do you want to enable that? This function is only useful for mirror servers in a multiserver setup.

HSorgYves 6th April 2013 00:06

Because I want to setup a mirror server... ;-)

HSorgYves 18th April 2013 01:54

@Till: What should I do?

till 18th April 2013 09:08

You can enable it now but it will work only for new sites and not existing ones and you might get uid conflicts as this option and. Mirror setup in general is normally setup before you add the first site.

HSorgYves 18th April 2013 11:15

Why can't I simply:

# cat /etc/passwd

and then:

# cd /var
# find . -uid 5004 | xargs chown 10001

and finally the same for the group?

Do I need to change ispapps and ispconfig as well?

Thanks for your help,

HSorgYves 21st April 2013 23:53

I have tried to modify the UID and GID manually and I have not encountered any problems so far.

Some things to keep in mind when making these changes are:

1) The WebID is added to the "Start ID for userid/webid connect"
2) The Client is created when its first Web is created
3) ispapps and ispconfig do not need to be modified

Have fun,

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