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diopear 29th March 2013 01:41

Dovecot server and mailbox traffic
I have an email server dovecot/postfix and he is not recording traffic data from email accounts. According to the changelog for version 3.0.5, this should be supported.

"Mail is reporting traffic dovecot servers."

The installation of my server was based in this howto:

About my server: Dovecot, Postfix, Centos 6.4, ISPConfig

Lionheart82 29th March 2013 10:44

I wanted to ask this too...

I am not dovecot 1.x version though. Is it perhaps only for dovecot 2.x versions?

diopear 29th March 2013 11:50

On my server is installed the 2.0.9 version of Dovecot.

diopear 25th April 2013 23:11

anyone have any suggestions?

till 26th April 2013 13:01

The traffic reporting is for dovecot 2 inly, if I remember correctly and it will generate the stats nightly. Did you choose to reconfigure services during update?

diopear 26th April 2013 18:45

Hi till,

The ISPConfig was installed from version and then updated to version Even reconfiguring, nothing has changed.


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