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KoS 22nd March 2013 18:36

New Log/Bind feature
as falko has closed the bug report ( ) i have to ask here ;-)

i have missed the new bind-feature. two questions:
- at the moment the entries are added in the fstab file, but they are not mounted automatically. is that normal or something not working on my system?

- is there a migration path for the existing websites?

thanks for your support.

falko 23rd March 2013 19:59

They should be mounted automatically. Did you check the output of


KoS 24th March 2013 19:55

sure i looked at the mount list, but now i see the "problem": trying to mount the paths i get a permission denied (as root). i supposed it has to to with the LXC container setup. i'll have to check that. (could/should the mount check be added to the "server state"?)

UPDATE: it is NOT possible to mount inside of LXC containers. so i would have to make the mounts outside, on the host, and that is not really pracitable :-( is there a chance to make this an server option, so that one can choose between the old "symlink" and new "mount" option? in which svn revision was that changed, i couldn't find it?

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