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KoS 22nd March 2013 00:31

ISPconfig - MySQL Remote IP / Any

since it seems no more possible to activate the "Remote Access" for a database and allow "any" IP to connect to it. if i leave the "Remote Access IPs (separate by , and leave blank for any)" field blank and save the settings and then go back, the default IP address is entered, instead of having a blank field and the desired "any" access. can somebody confirm this bug?

UPDATE: if i add the IP address manually, the "default IP" is always added to that list. so that explains why an empty field doesn't result in "any" :-(


KoS 22nd March 2013 00:46

even setting the IP addresses manually doesn't work. the password somehow doesn't get written right. if i change the password of the user manually via phpmyadmin, it works. definitely a bug :-(

falko 22nd March 2013 13:38

Is this for a local MySQL database, or for a remote one (on an ISPConfig slave)?

falko 22nd March 2013 15:02

It's working for me...

KoS 22nd March 2013 18:28

further comments are on the bugtracker @

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