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Jailkit ispconfig
Hi Till/Falko,

I try to use jailkit but it is not running. I can see jailkit is not installed on my server.

May I installit now without issues?

I have read u have to install before ispconfig install....

Let me know right way to solve jailkit on ispconfig.


Servidores Dedicados

MaddinXx 13th March 2013 21:04

1. Jailkit wie im Debian Perfect-Server-Howto installieren (Achtung, derzeit aktuell ist jailkit 2.11 und nicht 2.5 wie im Howto)
= Install Jailkit as described in perfect-server-howto

2. update.php anpassen, damit bisherige Services nicht umkonfiguriert/beeinträchtigt werden:
= change update.php so other services won't get reconfigured

if($reconfigure_services_answer == 'yes') {
//...delete everything before....
//* Configure Jailkit
swriteln('Configuring Jailkit');
//..delete everything afterwards...

3. update.php ausführen
= run update

Reconfigure Services? Yes!

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