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dclardy 13th March 2013 16:22

Theme Change Issues
Is anyone having issues with themes in ISPConfig 3 -

I copied the new default theme to make my version of a theme, and it does not seem to like it. After I logout, it always tries to show me a different theme, and it gives me a compatibility error. I then have to go to Tools -> Interface -> Pick my theme, and it works fine.

Is it not storing something properly? Kind of tired of it always changing.

till 13th March 2013 16:36

ensure that you changed the default theme also in the file of the interface as the theme defined there is used for the login.

dclardy 13th March 2013 16:39


I did that. It tries to revert it back when I login. Not sure what is going on.

It had never done that in the past, but it started happening with 3.0.5.*. It shows the correct logo in the old theme. So it is taking that part.

till 13th March 2013 16:41

There raev 2 places were the theme is storde, the page for the global setting and the settings of the ispconfig system user that you used to login. ensure that you select the same theme in both places.

also ensure that you updated your theme for ispconfig 3.0.5, some of the templates ahve changed from

dclardy 13th March 2013 16:45


The changes have been made in the file. I have also made them in the System -> CP Users -> Design section. <- These seem to have no effect.

To get it to work, I have to change Tools -> Interface -> Design. The value is selected there, but it does not show that theme. I have to re-press save to get it to apply.

If you would like, I can give you a login. It is happening for all users.

till 13th March 2013 16:54


To get it to work, I have to change Tools -> Interface -> Design.
Thats the exact same setting then System -> CP Users -> Design

dclardy 13th March 2013 16:59

Alright. Then they both don't work for me. Not sure what I could be doing wrong.

till 13th March 2013 17:01

You can verify if they get applied by looking into the sys_user table with phpmyadmin. If the new theme name is listed there for the user you changed it then this theme is used by the user.

Did you check your theme files that they dont contain any paths to css files or similar inludes of the default theme so thet the css from there is loaded instead of the files of your theme?

dclardy 13th March 2013 17:06


All links are to my theme. It works after I press save.

The theme settings are correct in the sys_user table.

dclardy 13th March 2013 19:46


Here is another example of the theme being deactivated at startup. There is nothing wrong with the theme. It is an exact copy of the default theme with some styling changes.

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