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Gijs 6th March 2013 12:58

SSH Shell users homedir

If I create a Shell user, the homedir is not the usual homedir as you connect with FTP, but it is /homedir/home/sshuser

If I take a look at /etc/passwd it created the homedir there and if I delete that piece it connects fine to the actual homedir.

Does anyone know how I can change this so that it is using the standard homedir? In ISPConfig 3 it says the right directory.


till 6th March 2013 13:07

This will not work if I remember correctly as jailkit will fail to create the jails then. A ssh user must have its own home directory, so thats omething different then ftp. SSH users in linux always have their own homeir in /home/username btw.

Gijs 6th March 2013 13:26

If you check this line in /etc/passwd:

This part defines the chrooted dir right:

And this the homedir:

So if I remove the last part it still connects fine and is still chrooted.

So you still think it is impossible to automatically use the chrooted dir?

Thanks :)

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