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manarak 25th February 2013 19:16

hosts.deny ?
Will hosts.deny work as intended (i.e. blocking access in conjunction with fail2ban) on Debian Squeeze?

I installed the server with ISPCONFIG3 following Falko's perfect server HOW-TO.
Now I read somewhere that services/daemons listen themselves to ports, and don't use inet.d to initiate connections, so hosts.deny would not work.
Is that correct?

Which are the services that are TCP-wrapped (ie. using inet.d) and which are not?

Second, if hosts.deny indeed does not work as intended, and since I run a virtual server I do not have access to iptables: what solutions do I have for blocking unwanted IPs ?

manarak 3rd March 2013 09:10

any ideas or info about the TCP-wrapped processes please?

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