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almere 20th February 2013 17:34

Apache to NGINX
Hi there!

I'm currently using apache2 as a webserver (Debian). I want to change it to nginx. I followed this tutorial but it doesn't works, how i need, all subdomains with flag L redirect, does not load css, js and images files. I can not figure it out (if some on can help it, please!).

I decided to change the web server to nginx. Can i just change ISPConfig configuration (webserver from apache to nginx) and than run resync tool, will it create all hosts for nginx? Or how can i do it another way?

Please, help!

Thank you

almere 21st February 2013 17:36

Someone? Please!

till 21st February 2013 18:17

The configuration of apache and nginx is very different, so you can not switch from apache to nginx or vice versa on a installed system by just installing a nginx package. You will have to reinstall the server if you want to use nginx.

almere 21st February 2013 18:19

Reinstall the server (you mean OS) or just install nginx and reinstall ispconfig?

falko 22nd February 2013 14:37

Reinstall the server.

almere 22nd February 2013 14:40

Thank you.

One more: i already installed nginx+ISPConfig , but i can not use FastCGI, only PHP-FPM is it a bug or a feature ? :D

falko 22nd February 2013 14:54

There's no FastCGI for nginx, only PHP-FPM. In ISPConfig 3.0.4, it was named FastCGI, although it was PHP-FPM, so we renamed it to PHP-FPM.

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