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Fumble 11th February 2013 18:43

Multiple control panel
Hello all,

I think I already know the answer, but prefer to ask.

Is there a matter to have not only one server the ISPConfig Web-Interface in a cluster.

I mean, if I add a server to the cluster, with Apache server and ISPConfig Web-Interface enabled at the install, will I be able to connect to THIS server to manage the cluster as I use the first one.

In one word, can I choose between multiple server to manage the same cluster?

Thank you!

till 11th February 2013 19:25

This depends on the setup of your cluster.

Normally there is just one master server, if you attach another server to this master, then this additional server amy not run a ispconfig interface. If you would install a interfacethere, then any change you do there will cause a conflict with changes that you do in the master server and the system will break sooner or later. An example for such a setup is this guide:

If you setup the two servers as mirror system like it is desctibed in thsi guide:

Then you will be able o use the ispconfig interface on both servers because the ispconfig database of the first and second server are mirrored with mysql master/master replication. So changes get synced in both directions.

Fumble 12th February 2013 09:16

Thank you for the answer !

That's what I was thinking, and that's logic...

Ok, I'm gonna keep only one master with the interface so. Thanks again for the advice.

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