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caraboy 6th August 2006 11:59

Problem browsing forum
It`s my second time posting in this forum, and when I browse it I get this annoying auth message on every page that I browse, even if I am logged or not. :confused:[/URL]

falko 7th August 2006 14:07

On which URL exactly do you get this message? Because I don't have that problem...

caraboy 7th August 2006 14:15

In every page in the forum.... I am using Mozilla Firefox. Only in the section. It is very annoying. :confused: Strange, I now entered with opera and IE and I don`t have this problem. Only with Firefox. I cleared the cache and nothing.... Have to push cancel every time on that box to continue browsing the forum. :(

falko 7th August 2006 15:02

I've just found out that the RSS feed that is linked in the HTML head of the forum pages linked back to I've changed it. Do you still have problems with Firefox?

Do you know since when this problem occurred?

caraboy 7th August 2006 20:22

No, I don`t have problems anymore. :) I subscribed to howtoforge newsletter some months ago, and I visit the site often to learn new things, but as my posts say, I registered 2 days ago. :) I have recently visited the forum to post the Maildir problem, so I can say for sure that this problem dates 2 or 3 days ago.

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