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manarak 30th January 2013 15:02

problem with some apache directives (multiviews)
I am using the gallery script piwigo on a domain hosted on a ISPC3 server (Apache2, Debian6) installed using Falko's How-To.

I am confronted with strange problems.

To enable SEO-friendly URLs in the gallery, I had to activate the following Apache directives:

AcceptPathInfo On
Options +MultiViews

But I get the following error in the error log:

(13)Permission denied: cannot read directory for multi:
Does anyone know what could be the cause?
I suppose it has something to do with ISPC3 default settings for websites or with default access rights, but I'm not sure.

falko 31st January 2013 17:13

I guess it has to do with the secure permissions of the web/ directory. Usually you can ignore such warnings.

manarak 31st January 2013 17:18

Thank you Falko - the problem is that the SEO friendly links produce a 404 - so I can't completely ignore it.

falko 1st February 2013 18:21

Did you check the permissions of your .htaccess file?

manarak 1st February 2013 18:25

I confess I did not - but I tried to put the Apache directives into Apache configuration, and the results were the same.

manarak 2nd February 2013 16:25


Apparently, multiviews requires higher file permissions when the webserver's user is not in the same group as the owner of the files.

Setting file permissions to 750 solved my problem.

manarak 2nd March 2013 18:53

the problem came back... without me changing anything and inspite of everything being chmodded to 755.


manarak 2nd March 2013 18:57

there were new files (templates, temp files, stats, etc.) that were being created by the webserver with 644 permissions - that disrupted multiviews.

I got to find a solution around this.

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