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tom123 7th January 2013 15:38

unlink from


doesn't work properly.
No file/symlinks are deleted.

Changing that to a plain "unlink" will delete properly.

The issue is present in the whole file. I had to change that call everywhere in the plugin.

till 7th January 2013 15:47

The function works fine, there is a problem in your setup if the function does not remove files. There shall be no symlinks in the real path of a website, so the path /var/www/clients/client1/web1/ may not contain a symlink. If a symlink is detected somewhere in the path, the unlink function has to refuse the removal.

If you moved e.g. /var/www to another disk on your server, then use mount bind instaed of a symlink to point the directory tree to the new location.

tom123 7th January 2013 16:37

It's not only a symlink removal issue.
Even the PHP-FPM pools are not removed and also apache virtualhosts.

The same script but with the plain "unlink" instead the origianl function works perfectly

tom123 7th January 2013 18:58

I don't think that your code works:


        function unlink($file) {
                if(file_exists($filename)) {
                        return unlink($filename);

till 7th January 2013 19:41

Thats not code form 3.0.5 RC1. Download the 3.0.5 RC1 tar.gz, unpack it and take a look into the file in server/lib/classes/. The code of this function is:


function unlink($filename) {
                if(file_exists($filename) || is_link($filename)) {
                        return unlink($filename);

tom123 7th January 2013 23:58

It's the same variation that i've made manually.
Probably i'm using a little bit outdated version

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