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olimortimer 4th January 2013 16:17

Change freshclam cron

I've noticed that freshclam is running every 2 hours (guessing that it's updating?).

I'd like to change this so it's less frequent / runs during the night, but I can't find where this runs as a cron.

Could someone point me to where I can change how often this runs please?


florian030 4th January 2013 18:20

Reduce the value for Checks in your freshclam.conf (should be Checks 12).

Since freshclam uses DNS to check for available Updates there is no need to reduce the daily checks. I use "checks 48" on my servers.

olimortimer 4th January 2013 19:18

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It was more to reduce the number of CPU usage spikes, which are being created by the freshclam checks.

florian030 5th January 2013 10:49

Remember that freshclam runs only for a few seconds to check for available updates and fetches (normaly) only diffs from a mirror. I prefer security instead of slightly less load.

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