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nackgr 21st December 2012 18:45

Subdomains to ispconfig?

Can someone please tell me how to create subdomains to ispconfig!!!!

till 21st December 2012 19:17

If the subdomain shall have its own directory, then add a new website and type the subdomain name in the domain field. If the subdomain shall point to an existing site, then add it by creating a new subdomain record in ispconfig instead.

Btw, this has been explained here several times in the forum and it is described in the manual as well.

nackgr 24th December 2012 18:11


I search but didnt find anything! thanks!!!

nackgr 29th December 2012 15:35

i added it as domain with subdomain value .... i added dns too but dont work ..... ....

till 29th December 2012 18:15

Changes in dns may take up to 24 hours to propagate to all dns caching servers.

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