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SparkyRih 8th December 2012 01:13

Subdomain FTP folder?
I just can't seem to find the folder that should contain the web data for any subdomain that I create? where is it located, or where should I create it manually to allow me to upload date to it?

falko 8th December 2012 09:27

Subdomains always point to the parent domain, so you must upload your content to the parent web site.

SparkyRih 8th December 2012 15:48

So if I want to create a subddomain with it's own contents, I should create a new domain and not a sub domain with its own ftp user?

falko 10th December 2012 11:50

Yes, create the subdomain as a vhost of its own and also create an FTP account for it.

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