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ITG 29th November 2012 08:30

Client access to vserver
For some reason, not sure why yet, if i create (as admin) a VPS, but i make the owner one of my clients, when i log in with that clients username and password, i cannot see the vserver icon, nor any other vserver functions.

I have number of vservers for that client set to 1 since this client only has 1 vps right now..

Am i missing something?

till 29th November 2012 08:34

The vps module is available for thevadmin user only.

ITG 29th November 2012 09:15

grrrr... i guess this means i need to load a seperate panel so the users can start/stop/restart/backup their own vps at will without having me do it. :) Any modules/addons for ispconfig 3 that you know of that can do this? :)

till 29th November 2012 09:21

I'am not aware of any addons for this, but the vm functions are all available in the remote api so it should not be a problem to implement that.

I added a feature request for this in our bugtracker.

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