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jz_ 25th November 2012 23:58

ispconfig3 and installed.
As set openvz in centos.
I install an OS template centos.
minimal debian default
I find no tutorial.

till 26th November 2012 10:33

There sre no openvz tutorials for centos available, the recommended distribution for iSPConfig is debian Linux and a openvz tutorial is only available for debian.

jz_ 27th November 2012 20:14

yes but after installing ispconfig 3 virtual hosts do not work.
to do something more?

Sorry for my English I'm Spanish.

till 27th November 2012 20:25

Are you talking about openvz virtual containers or virtual hosts? Virtual hosts are websites ain apache and not related to openvz. And which Tutorial did you use to install your server?

jz_ 27th November 2012 22:31

ok let me tell you I have a problem and five domains ip.
I had installed and ispconfig3 this tutorial
the problem is that if I deactivate any website and someone types in your browser and deactivated the domain shows the following in alphabetical order.
And so he had thought about making multiple virtual machines as it comes with opnevz ispconfig3 and thus assign an ip to dns for each domain.

till 27th November 2012 22:40

1) you can not use virtual machines on this setup as it is a hosting setup, a openvz server has to be installed differently.
2) using openvz images is not nescessary and not useful for your problem. All you need is a default vhost for each ip.

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