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kurdak 21st November 2012 11:40

Alias ​​for the second domain
I have a problem with the other domain.
I have two domains, on the domain server is configured. The second domain is,, I want it to be a domain alias for
Domain: is redirected to DNS:,
Domain: is redirected to DNS:,
DNS settings:
I added a domain alias for assistive technologies etc.:
What can I do to make it work properly.
Please and information about what I'm doing wrong.
I also want to automatically run my subdomain.

till 21st November 2012 12:13

The dns records are wrong. Each domain has its own zone in dns.

1) delete the alias in the zone.
2) Create a new dns zone for similar to the one that you created for so that has a.records that point to the ip address of your server. the aliasing between the two domains is made by apache, so you dont have to add a alias record in dns.

kurdak 21st November 2012 12:26

Now my settings look like this:

Settings domain still have to be on:,

till 21st November 2012 12:30


Settings domain still have to be on:,
Yes, thats ok. Just ensure that you use the same nameservers in the domain registration interface of the provider that you used to register the domain.

You might want to add a wildcard A-record in the .pl zone as well as you used a wildcard in the website alias domain.

kurdak 21st November 2012 12:47

Well I added record * to
Now, one more question.
I say subdomain:, do I have to add something to the zones or alias subdomain to work me:
Is this to be done automatically?

till 21st November 2012 13:06

As you have wildcard records in both zones, you dont have to add a dns record for a subdomain before you can use it. And if you use auto subdomain * in th alias domain and website of the sites module as well, then all subdomains get routed to this website automatically.

kurdak 21st November 2012 13:49

Then the idea is that it does not work well until the end.
Say and work perfectly. subdomain works ok, but subdomain: redirects to
This is my DNS Zone:
What am I doing wrong?

till 21st November 2012 14:12

Quote: subdomain works ok, but subdomain: redirects to
But thats what you have setup. All subdomains of the domain and of the domain point to the same web directory, so no matter what you enter in the briwser, the same files shall be displayed.

kurdak 21st November 2012 14:17

Super, I can somehow change to make it work automatically?
I would like to get this effect when setting up a new subdomain to domain automatically set to the subdomain alias domain.

till 21st November 2012 14:26

You setup already all possible subdomains by adding a wildcard record, so there is nothing left that would require a manual nor automatic setup. Neither in dns nor apache.

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