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MaddinXx 18th November 2012 22:32

[Repo] OpenVZ RPMs for Debian
Hi there

Some of you might be aware of the fact that RPMs can easily be converted to DEBs using alien - as long as there are no heavy dependencies etc.

Since Debian (Squeeze) has very outdated OpenVZ packages, I decided to take a look at the OpenVZ wiki and found out, that the RPMs can be used on Debian without fear as well ( So I tried them and in fact, they are very stable - and you get ploop support and more.

However, it's not that cool to go through the process over and over (converting / copying) so I created a package repository for the converted RPMs letting me install them on all servers without a pain.

I thought it might be of interest for some of you too, so here are the details you need to start using the repo:

1. Supported
Debian Squeeze amd64
Debian Squeeze i386
(Ubuntu and other .deb based distors may be supported too)

2. Add public GPG key
apt-key add key.asc

3. Add repository
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
and add: stable main

4. Update
apt-get update
apt-get install <package>

5. Available packages
* libcgroup
* libcgroup-devel
* libcgroup-pam
* ploop
* ploop-devel
* ploop-lib
* vzctl
* vzctl-core
* vzkernel
* vzkernel-debug
* vzkernel-debug-devel
* vzkernel-devel
* vzkernel-firmware
* vzkernel-headers
* vzquota

I did nothing other than the alien process/command listed in the OpenVZ wiki - so absolutely no credits to me! ;)

As I didn't find any information about if it's allowed to run a package repository containing their packages, I wrote the Parallels support (still awaiting an answer), but I don't see a problem in it.
However, if I get news - I'll let you know.


MaddinXx 21st November 2012 00:27

I have added i386 packages as well - and also a package called "openvz" which does nothing other than installing all it's dependencies (which are the packages required to run OpenVZ).

You can install it by running apt-get install openvz.

Anyway, I tested all packages on Debian 6 i386/amd64 and Ubuntu 12.04/amd64, but I would really appreciate it if someone else could test the packages on a server he can reset any time.


//edit: Some packages need to be fixed - libcgroup + parted dependencies etc. will be up later.

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