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zicguy 11th November 2012 15:51

Postqueue error in ISPC crons logs
Hi there,

I have a debian squeeze / ispconfig 3 installation on my server. I actually have an error in ISPC crons logs:

"postqueue: warning: Mail system is down -- accessing queue directly"

I don't know why I have this issue cause Postfix seems work actually.
Maybe it's only related to local mails?
How can I solved that?

Thanks guys.

falko 12th November 2012 14:11

Maybe it's just a temporary problem?

zicguy 12th November 2012 14:44

Hi Falko,
Maybe it is. I will delete the content of the cron.log file and check in a few days if it happens another time. I'll let you know about that.
Maybe an improvement for this file: it can be useful to have date and hour (as all log files) each time a cron log something in this file.
Maybe for a next version of ISPConfig?

till 12th November 2012 14:49

The file is written by a pipe from cron daemon and the cron daemon does not support to add a date in front of the lines that it sends to stderr as far as I know.

zicguy 12th November 2012 21:09

I understand Till, it was only a "nice to have" and not a "must to have".
So, I deleted the content of the cron.log. Waiting for tomorrow to see if it's happen again.

Many thanks to both of you. ISPConfig is wonderful and you make a very useful job!

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