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webguyz 11th November 2012 00:45

PowerDNS or Bind
If you were getting ready to setup a DNS to work with a large multiuser ispConfig 3 network that might scale (wishful thinking) into the thousands would you use Bind or PowerDNS. Not familiar with either on Linux, but I like that PowerDNS uses MySQL and it would be easy to interface some of my exisitng windows based DNS systems over to it to convert them to Linux DNS. I see that Bind does have some Mysql and Web front end tools, but I like that PowerDNS has them all intergrated already.

What does anyone who would had to do it all over again, which would you choose?


falko 11th November 2012 13:29

Bind because it's the standard, so you can't go wrong.

cfoe 12th November 2012 10:18

PowerDNS is very interesting because of its support for different backends for the storage of dns zones but BIND has come a long way. Look a the official site and you see the roadmap is well documented and the development is backed by a good reliable organization.

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