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fatlip 2nd August 2006 09:18

Postfix Mail relaying config Fedora 4
Hi there,

I used this tutorial to set up a spam and virus filtering mail gateway on Fedora 4 core. The tutorial was great, but I am have some issues with relaying to appropriate domains.

I have the following in


relay_domains =,
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

and my transport file:
Code:  smtp:[]  smtp:[]

Domain1 works pertfectly fine, no issues whatsoever.

Domain2: you can telnet to the server and send mail to it no problem. If I try and send from any mail client( for one) I get a 550 relaying denied bounce.

I am sure you can see why I am a little baffled! I am using a different external connection to telnet in than the internal network, so I know it's not any sort of allowed subnet issue.

I am VERY new to postfix, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


falko 3rd August 2006 16:09

What's in your mail log when this happens?

fatlip 4th August 2006 05:59

Problem fixed. Was DNS related.


fatlip 4th August 2006 10:38

One more thing.. can someone direct me to where I can set either postfix, or Mailscanner to delete suspected spam instead of just modifying the subject line of the e-mail? I have googled away, but most of my findings all relate back to Webmin, which I don't use as I am a command line guy.

Thanks in advance!

falko 5th August 2006 17:08

I've never worked with Mailscanner... Isn't this adjustable in the Mailscanner configuration file?
I've found these links that may be helpful:;id=22;lang=en

fatlip 5th August 2006 22:35

Thanks Falko,

I did get this figured out as well. It is in the MailScanner.conf file, WAYYY at the bottom.

Thanks Again,

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