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Ventzy 7th November 2012 15:56

Huge number openned log files
I have got "Too many open files" error on my server and after checking lsof I found huge number opened files for error logs.


lsof | grep /var/log/ispconfig | wc -l

The server have ~ 1200 virtual hosts.
One line looks like this

COMMAND    PID      USER  FD      TYPE            DEVICE    SIZE/OFF      NODE NAME
apache2  30294  www-data  615w      REG              251,0    3276350  10237337 /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/myhost/error.log

and there are ~ 150 lines like this for single vhost.

What could cause this?

till 7th November 2012 16:14

Apache opens a file handle for each error.log file of the vhosts.

There are two options:

a) Increase the max open file handles in your server.
b) comment out the error.log directive in the apache vhost template in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/ and resync all vhosts. This will disable the individual error logging for the vhosts.

Ventzy 7th November 2012 16:28

Thanks, we will consider the options. But is it normal to have 150 opened handles for a single log file? It seems huge number to me.

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