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host 7th November 2012 12:53

single server with 2 IP for all services
I have not found information to create a single server as well as the services have included two dns. you can have them?

a single server with 2 ip:
IP1 for www, mail, smtp, ftp, dns primary, etc..
IP2 secondary dns

OS: debian 6 with ISPConfig 3

serverONE:IP x.x.x.1 for www, mail, smtp, ftp, dns primary (same server IP), etc..
serverTWO: IP x.x.x.2 for secondary dns

Thank you

till 7th November 2012 12:59

Just follow the normal perfcet setup guide:

the number of IP addresses do not matter for the setup, you can add as many IP addresses as you like in the network configuration file of your network card.

host 7th November 2012 13:07

thank you Till,

I followed the instructions of

I do not know how to configure the second dns in the control panel

till 7th November 2012 13:23

You dont have to configure the second dns as both IP addresses are on the same server. When you add a dns record in ispconfiig, it will be available on your first IP as ns1 and on the second IP as ns2 automatically, just ensure that the IP has been added to your network card so that the server responds to it.

host 7th November 2012 18:14

I added the second IP address in /etc/rc.local, it worked on the server with ispconfig2 but this does not work with ISPConfig 3

host 7th November 2012 19:19

Hi Till,

I have add address to /etc/network/interfaces and work.

Thank you for you assistance

eddie-prefere 8th November 2012 11:16

Will this work with 1 IPv4 and 1 or more IPv6 IP addresses?
Am setting up a new server and they only give 1 IPv4 and many IPv6.

Can / Will ISPConfig3 work with 1 IPv4 as main ns1 and an IPv6 as ns2 (secondary dns)?


till 8th November 2012 11:30

ISPConfig works with any IPv4 and IPv6 address, so ISPCOnfig is here not a limiting factor. What I'am not sure is if your domain registry accepts a dns records that has no IPv4 address for the ns2, you might want to contact them or just try it out.

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