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ZeroEnna 3rd November 2012 22:43

SSL certificates for subdomains?
Hello everyone,

a good friend of mine has got the following issue:

For her domain, she ordered an SSL certificate. Everything works as expected.
Her site also provides a mobile version
the framework rendering the mobile site uses some sort of trick I am not familiar with.
It needs to have a subdomain declared in ISPConfig, but then refers to the original site with some sort of variable "m" which triggers the framework to render the site differently. Maybe, using browser agent, I don't know.

Now, we have the problem that the certificate (of course) is issure for A wildcard certificate is not an option at the moment, so we wonder how to bring SSL to the subdomain?

Thank you in advance

Kind Regards


falko 4th November 2012 12:39

I'd create the subdomain as a website of its own in ISPConfig so that you can create an SSL cert for it.

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