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dna 27th September 2012 15:25

Configuring centos 6.3
hey guys,

Im new here and a friend told me that I could learn about everything of linux so here I am.

I've followed this tutorial The Perfect Server - CentOS 6.3 x86_64 (Apache2, Courier, ISPConfig 3) but I get stuck on page 3.
when I'm trying to install mysql trough yum I get a couple times the message that it can't resolve host xxxxxx

First I though that it was my internet connection but its not. Ive tried the command "host" followed by my dns address and I get a result

Can anyone help me out ?

falko 28th September 2012 10:02

Can you ping the host that cannot be resolved?

What's in /etc/resolv.conf?

dna 28th September 2012 12:53

Hey falko,

If i ping one of the host that can not be resolved I'm getting response.

And in /etc I dont have resolve.conf...

falko 30th September 2012 11:19

It's resolv.conf, not resolve.conf.

Have you tried yum again? Maybe it was a temporary problem with one of the repo servers.

dna 30th September 2012 13:19

Sorry, I mean resolv.conf..

I think its my network settings ( im working virtual ). Im gonna reinstall centos and try it again.

Another question: Im learning linux because I want to run a hosting company and online backup service. Do you have any tips/tutorials that I can use ? Is there any software available for linux wich can do online backup ?? Or is it better to use a windows os for the backup and linux for hosting (DA) ?

Thanks in advance..


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