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Horinius 25th September 2012 21:28

lochDNS and recursive resolver
I've just started to try lochDNS (2.0.2). I'm using its VM version and I found it's quite good (though the start is quite confusing for non Linux experienced user)

The only config I found missing is "recursive resolver". After searching everywhere on MyDNSConfig and reading a lot of tutorials, I think I've found the answer:
1. We have to go back to the console (Alt+F2), login as root and edit the file /etc/mydns.conf
2. Inside the file, we have to add the the recursive resolver IP address (eg the one provided by ISP) at "recursive =" field.
3. Reboot lochDNS server

If there is a more intelligent method to do this, I'm open-hearted to listen.

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