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PRO_wannabe 20th September 2012 22:07

Suggestion for Front End Gui for Database Entry
I was hoping someone could suggest a front end gui that would allow customer service reps to enter in to a database that would have already been created with mysql or some other open source database. I haven't actually created a database yet and was hoping for a suggestion on an easy to create and maintain program. The gui should also allow querying the database. Currently, we just enter data in to an excel spreadsheet which becomes long and tedious after a while.

appreciate any help,

falko 21st September 2012 18:45

Something like phpMyAdmin?

PRO_wannabe 21st September 2012 19:16

I appreciate the quick reply. I was afraid someone would come back with phpMyAdmin as a suggestion. I admit that I have perused this as a possibility for creating the database as admin. On first look it doesn't seem to lend itself for easily creating something to present to an end user unless I am greatly overlooking its abilities. Remember end users are usually not computer savvy and need something simple for data entry/querying a db. I will go back and look at phpMyAdmin but again I was hoping for something simple for my customer reps not for an admin.


falko 22nd September 2012 11:35

I guess you will have to program a suitable front-end yourself that fits your needs.

MaddinXx 7th October 2012 01:33

I'm still not sure what you want, but I guess SQLBuddy could be for you:

It's a very simple MySQL frontend like phpMyAdmin with limited functionality and only a single file.

Therefor, styling etc. can be done easily with HTML/CSS e.g. to hide irrelevant information.

Note that this project is no longer alive, but that doesn't mean it's bad...

TiTex 7th October 2012 10:26

if it doesn't need to be web based there are a lot of free tools out there that can query,update,export databases/tables some of them are very easy to use

falko 7th October 2012 12:35

Instead of phpMyAdmin you could also try Chive:

PRO_wannabe 8th October 2012 16:30

Thanks for each of your replies. I continue to evaluate your suggestions.

Damieen 10th October 2012 09:39

Well , if you don't mind, may I know which programming language are you using for the back end ??

PRO_wannabe 10th October 2012 18:35

Currently, I don't have a backend (strictly computer speaking :-)) at current. This was just a project I was wanting to try so I haven't nailed anything down. I was just thinking it would be nice to have some gui frontend to be able to let a customer rep to be able to input/edit/view data in a database that is currently residing in long excel spreadsheets, even though the ability to quickly see all the information in the spreadsheet form is nice. I don't know if that kind of view is possible from a LAMP scenerio. I really don't have a good handle on programming at this time though I can definitely learn. I use to program many years ago back in the old days ie fortran, basic, rpg, prehistoric languages ;-)


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