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erkan 2nd September 2012 01:39

ISPConfig 3.0.5
Will ISPConfig 3.0.5 be released soon?

till 2nd September 2012 18:43

Yes, it will be released soon. WE will release a first alpha version of 3.0.5 next week.

erkan 2nd September 2012 18:44

Nice! It will be great to finally be able to use PHP-FPM on Apache!

concept21 6th September 2012 21:19

With Software Installer??? :D

falko 7th September 2012 16:58

Yes, with software installer. :)

pititis 10th September 2012 02:41

Awesome, Thank you!

cassus 10th September 2012 21:13

will it be save to update from Or should I update to 3.0.4. now instead?

cfoe 11th September 2012 01:07

you should not skip a major release.
Update to now so you have the best basis for 3.0.5

Why did you not update to 3.0.4.x in the past?
If you are concerned with problems in the first release of a major version step you could wait for a but if the build is as good as I aspect it to be it might take some time until a fix release .1 is released

cassus 11th September 2012 14:44

ok, thanks, I will update to first.

Is it good idea to let the updater to reconfigure services during update? I did some tweaking in mysql, apache etc settings in /etc manually. Will updater respect my settings, or will it rewrite that completely to default? thanks

cfoe 11th September 2012 14:48

I do not really know what has changed between 3.0.3.x and 3.0.4.x but I would not reconfigure the services is you have changed the config files manually.

But please wait for someone else to correct me or back me on this

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