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OverSpeed301 28th August 2012 20:57

Error with Postfix/Courier

I have some problems with Postfix and/or Courier :


authdaemond: failed to connect to mysql server (server=localhost, userid=ispconfig): Access denied for user 'ispconfig'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
Aug 28 19:42:25 **** maildrop[16529]: Temporary authentication failure.
Aug 28 19:42:25 **** postfix/pipe[16420]: DDA7929C0F09: to=<>, relay=maildrop, delay=271303, delays=271298/4.1/0/0.06, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Temporary authentication failure. )
I have checked the MySQL password in all files of Postfix and Courier, it's the good password. I have even written in clear all the passwords and it don't work. Any ideas ? I can't receive any mail and it's a huge problem.


till 29th August 2012 10:14

Did you change the password of the user ispconfig in the mysql database?

OverSpeed301 29th August 2012 12:48


Thanks for your reply. I have changed the MySQL password of ispconfig and it don't works :/

Cordially, OverSpeed301 :)

till 29th August 2012 12:57

The reasn for the problem is that you changed the mysql passwod for the ispconfig user. So to get it working again, change it back to the original password. You can find the cleartext password mysql* files in /etc/postfix/ directory, set this password for the user ispconfig in mysql (dont forget to select the password() function in phpmyadmin for the password column). then restart mysql or flush the privileges.

OverSpeed301 29th August 2012 18:23


Thanks again for the reply :)

I have already changed the password in the mysql* files of Postfix and Courier. When i try to log to PHPMyAdmin with the same user and the password who are in mysql* file, i am able to log-in, i don't understand. I have checked all files and it's the good password.

Thanks !

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